WHY | Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone should look according to their own identity.

HOW | Our Process

We decided to put natural beauty of materials together with creativity.

WHAT | The Result

We became a brand with the most variety of leather choices.


We believe that Extreme attracts mostly individualist who desires a brand associated with unique products to reflect their self-esteem and confidence.

As our slogan goes “My Style, My Life, I’m Me.”, we strive to make individual identity more outstanding by providing simplified concept with features that you need for practical life style.


As natural leather is not perfect, no two pieces will ever look alike. We embrace these imperfections and relish the natural beauty of leather with new ideas to make it unique for everyone.

We continue to research for the best practice in design and usability of products all over the world. We study the material and its nuances to get the most yield grain out of every cut by creatively using the tools to make small leather accessories.

We try our level best to minimize wastage and maximize the usage.

We are also more customer-focused to improve, innovate and generate new ideas.


Extreme are associated with factories across the globe that best suited to each of its finished products. We personally pick and choose factories that produce the best of the best in products they are good at.

We produce quality products at an affordable price through our processing method. This led us to become a brand with the most variety of leather choices.

Our products not only get better with age, but are built with authenticity and overall unforgettable experience.